Brand Film Mentorship With Alé Vidal

Behind the Scenes

“Why do you want to do video?”

I was asked this during a Mentorship call. It caused me to pause, flounder in my speech, but ultimately stay silent. It was something I hadn’t really explored. I was just passionate about it, I had never put my finger on why.

In March I attended my Mentorship with the amazing, inspiring, kind soul (I could go on) that is Alé Vidal. If you don’t know about her – tie your socks down then click here.

It was one of exploration, beauty, and depth. An experience that I will never forget, and one that I wish I could relive.

I discovered clarity on many things that I struggled with. The main one was listening to others instead of tuning into myself. My own voice had been drowned by others that inspired me. I no longer saw things with my own vision, but through the lens of “successful” individuals in my field.

Alé encouraged me to discover my voice, how I see things, and to experiment to find the real Hannah and her values. The scales fell from my eyes that day.

Besides the deep reflection that occurred before, during, and after the Mentorship, I also learned hands-on filming with Alé in her studio. We filmed a brand narrative for a skin care specialist who selects the best ingredients of oils, florals, and powders to create soothing remedies. Crafting intentional, beautiful products by connecting with nature through the products she creates. She being the beautiful and talented Liz (the gorgeous blonde you’ll see in the video later on).

I didn’t know what to expect upon arriving to the Mentorship. To meet people I had followed online in person. To share time, space, heartfelt conversations and skills with each other. People are such beautiful creations. Sometimes I think we forget to really see that in one another. But it wasn’t difficult to see it here.

We filmed for a few hours after outlining the film’s narrative. It was challenging for me to take the lead, to direct, and feel confident in doing so. After all, I was the ameature. But Alé and Liz both encouraged me and assisted me in my growth as a videographer.

I really have so much to thank them for.

If I could go back, you bet I would do things differently. I would be more bold to follow my gut, and would have brought better gear (^_^). But the exploration would have been the same. The awe at the depth and wisdom of Alé, and the kindness and beauty to Liz.

I had to push away a lot of fear and anxiety to attend, but I knew deep down that it would alter my future. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Shout out to Alé for also secretly filming me as I did the same. Below is a compilation video of my experience there. I hope you enjoy.


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